Car Hire Geneva Airport French Side – Cheapest Prices

Find the Cheapest Car Hire deals on the French side of Geneva Airport. Compare rental rates on our website today. There are certain benefits to renting a car on the French side of Geneva Airport. One which will concern many people is price. There can in some cases be significantly cheaper deals available on the French side of the airport compared to the Swiss. You can compare the best available offers from numerous firms with a quick search here today.

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It can get quite complicated for travelers due to the split of countries within the airport. What happens if you need to reach the French sector but have arrived in the Swiss area? In this situation you would go through passport control and leave the Swiss area from the arrivals hall.  You would then walk upstairs to check-ins. You don’t need a visa for Switzerland to travel to the French side of the airport. You can easily travel to nearby French areas without running into Swiss territory.

Take note of your travel dates and start searching today. Switzerland can be an expensive place so why not save some money on essentials such as car rental. Make sure you choose the correct pickup point from our booking engine as there are quite a few choices in Geneva besides the airport such as city centre locations and train stations.