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Driving your rental car in Geneva: Rules of the Road

Driving your rental car in Geneva: Rules of the Road

Driving around Switzerland can seem intimidating to foreign visitors. A good place to start when it comes to driving in the Geneva region is with the basic rules of the road. Consider a car rental Geneva Airport deal for your next visit.

Here, vehicles drive on the right hand side of the road, something which visitors from the UK and other countries such as Australia should keep in mind. Third party insurance is obligatory, as is wearing seatbelts. No children under 12 are allowed in the front seats of cars without a suitable child restraint in place. Honking your horn after dark is also prohibited, while the legal age for driving is 18, not 17 as in the UK.


With those basics out of the way, it is a good idea to look at some of the specifics of driving in the Geneva region. Roads in Geneva are often single lanes, with plenty of slow-changing traffic lights. Swiss driving regulations also forbid turning left at intersections, so it is necessary to carefully plan routes in order to avoid large detours.

It is also wise to plan where you are going to park, and ask locals such as hotel staff for advice on this. Parking at the Place des Nations is recommended, as this can provide convenient access to many of the city’s top tourist attractions.

There are other car parks and garages which are available throughout the city, though it can get crowded, particularly at busy times of year.

In a mountainous and wintry country like Switzerland, it also pays to take some precautions against bad weather and difficult driving conditions.…

Car Hire Geneva Airport French or Swiss side?

Car Hire Geneva Airport French or Swiss side?

Car Hire Geneva Airport Swiss Side

Car Hire Geneva Airport Swiss Side

Search for a cheap car hire Geneva Airport Swiss side quote. Things are a little different from the norm when it comes to hiring a car in Geneva Airport as there are two sides, the Swiss side and the French side.

You must make a decision on which side of the airport you wish to pick up your rental car from. Both sectors are housed within the same building.

Car Rental Geneva Airport Switzerland Side

There are of course advantages and disadvantages to each side. It is true that most international flights arrive into the Switzerland side of the airport so quicker access to your car may be possible.

Swiss cars are also more likely to come with items needed for driving in wintry conditions such as snow tyres and chains.

A disadvantage of picking up on the Swiss side would be expense as cars tend to cost a bit more here than with car hire Geneva Airport France side rates. You can find the rental desks in the arrivals hall. Keep in mind that Swiss cars must be returned to the same side as they were rented from.

The full name of the airport is Geneva Cointrin International Airport and you will find it just five kilometres from the city centre. If you are on a domestic French flight you will want to enter through the French side so as to bypass customs.

Vignette for Geneva Swiss Side Car Hire

When you obtain a rental car in the Swiss part, it comes with a sticker called a Vignette.…

Car Hire Geneva Airport French Side

Car Hire Geneva Airport French Side

Find the Cheapest Car Rental deals on the French side of Geneva Airport. Compare rates on our website today.

There are certain benefits to hiring a car on the French side of Geneva Airport (GVA). One which will concern many people is price. There can in some cases be significantly cheaper deals available on the French side of the airport compared to the Swiss side.

car rental geneva airport

It can get quite complicated for travelers due to the split of countries within the airport. What happens if you need to reach the French sector but have arrived in the Swiss area? In this situation you would go through passport control and leave the Swiss area from the arrivals hall.

You would then walk upstairs to check-ins. There is no need for a visa for Switzerland to get to the French part of the airport. You can easily travel to nearby French areas without running into Swiss territory.

Geneva Airport Car Rental France Side

Take note of your travel dates and start searching today. Switzerland can be an expensive place so why not save some money on essentials such as transport.

Make sure you choose the correct pickup and return point from our booking engine as there are quite a few choices in Geneva besides the airport such as city centre locations and Geneva train station.

Budget, 4X4 or Luxury Geneva Car Hire

Choose the correct vehicle for your trip. Ski equipment and luggage requirements will likely be a major factor. Selecting the people carrier hire class is probably a good place to start when looking for quotes.…