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Day Trips with your Geneva Airport Car Hire

Day Trips with your Geneva Airport Car Hire

As well as being a fascinating holiday destination in itself, the city of Geneva is also ideally situated as a base from which to take a day trip in your Geneva Airport car rental, and further explore the beauty of the surrounding region.

This is a region rich in history and culture, where the Alps meet meadows and lakes and ancient castles, and the next exciting leisure activity or experience is never far away.

Chamonix Car Hire

At a distance of only 90 minutes by road in your Geneva car hire, the popular ski resort of Chamonix offers world class pistes and a host of other sporting activities.  The area’s two-stage cable car, which travels to the top of Aiguille du Midi, offers breathtaking views of the Alps on a clear day.

Lausanne Car Rental

Just 55km away from Geneva is the port of Lausanne, known for its beauty, vibrancy and charming promenades along the banks of Lake Geneva.  The old town dates back to the fourteenth century, but it is also home to the super-modern Olympic museum.

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Drive to Montreux

Also close at hand, Montreux is certainly work checking out if you happen to coincide with the eponymous jazz festival in July but it is worth a day visit at any time of year as it is picturesque and offers impressive Alpine panoramas.

Chillion Castle

Chillon Castle is another popular day outing from the city.  Probably one of Switzerland’s most well known attractions, this stunning castle stands on a rocky promontory on Lake Geneva and has been lovingly preserved and restored.  There are a number of interesting historical artifacts within and guided tours are available to make the most of a day visit.

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Visit Gruyere

The quaint village of Gruyere is the place to spend a day getting the classic Swiss experience.  Mountain views, a world-famous cheese, top-notch chocolate and a host of wonderful places to dine with a view are what have earned this place its reputation of being well worth a visit.

Annecy Car Hire

The experience of a whole other culture is just a short distance away.  Just over the border in France are the towns of Annemasse and the truly beautiful and historical Annecy, both worth spending a day exploring.  Indeed Annecy is considered by some to be the most beautiful towns in the whole of France.

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Anyone spending some time in Geneva would be well advised to tear themselves away from the city’s many incredible attractions for at least a day, in order to venture out into this fascinating region.

The ideas here are just a small selection of the possible day trips available to a tourist who feels like venturing a little without covering enormous distances.  Car rental options are plentiful and taking away the need to relocate and find new accommodation takes a lot of the hassle out of exploring which makes day-tripping an attractive option.

Activities in the Geneva Region

Activities in the Geneva Region

Geneva is a region where France and Switzerland join, providing visitors with a culturally rich travel experience. While winter is the time many people head to this Alpine wonderland, the city and the wider region have plenty to offer visitors of all types year round.

If you need an easy mode of transport to visit the locations listed below then compare our cheap Geneva Airport car hire offers.

While the attractions of the city of Geneva are very well known to many travellers, fewer people known what the city’s hinterland can provide in terms of interesting activities and places to visit.

One thing which many people might not associate with this part of the world, for example, is wine making. In fact, there are several vineyards quite close to Geneva where you can talk to wine growers and try their products. One tour, based around the town of Paquis, is conducted on electric bikes, which is a delightfully chilled out way to explore some fantastic scenery as well as wine.

Of course, one of the biggest draws here is the mountain scenery, which looks great either covered in snow in winter, or green and rocky in the summer. To get one of the best views possible of the Alpine countryside by Geneva, its a good idea to go paragliding.

A school on the slopes of Mont-Salève offers very accessible experiences of this kind, good for individuals or groups of travellers. All flights are conducted with instructors, so no experience is necessary. Safety is of course, of paramount importance to the instructors too.


Another activity in the Geneva region which remains popular with many visitors is hiking. The beautiful mountain landscape contains many intriguing and enticing routes to explore, and you can set off from a variety of different venues.

There are over 3000 kilometres of marked trails and routes to try out, catering for every ability and fitness level. The variety of landscape, with mountains, meadows, woods and vineyards to explore, makes walking here in summer a real pleasure.

One of the country’s most iconic exports is, of course, chocolate. The town of Carouge is a great place to visit for anyone who enjoys chocolate, and even for those who do not yet think that they do.

Here you can meet the master chocolatiers of the region as they prepare treats like truffles and pralines. Visitors can also learn about the magic of chocolate making and the history of the art. It’s probably a good idea to go hiking the day before though, to make some room for what you might get to sample.


Even without the great skiing and winter sport which surrounds the city, and its magnificent lake views, Geneva is a superb place to visit.