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Geneva Airport Guide

Geneva Airport Guide

Geneva Airport is one of the European Union’s biggest transport hubs, which might surprise some people. After all, the city of Geneva is in Switzerland, which is not in the EU. Unusually, the airport is situated in two countries, in both France and Switzerland.

If a passenger enters the French part of the airport, he or she does not need to pass through Swiss customs though, as they technically remain in France. It is only the second busiest airport though, standing just behind Zurich in terms of visitor numbers.

While that may sound a little confusing, it works well in practise. Also, despite being partly in another country, the airport is very handily placed for people who are visiting Geneva for work or pleasure.

Geneva Airport Information

Contact Information for Geneva Airport

Airport Code: GVA
Mailing address: PO box 100 CH - 1215 Geneva 15
Address: Route de l'Aéroport 21 CH - 1218 Grand-Saconnex
Phone: Manager +4122 717 71 11
Arrivals Phone: +4122 717 71 05
Flight Information: +41(0)900 57 15 00
Airport Coordinates: 46.2370° N, 6.1092° E

The airport offers flights to and from most of Europe, including Great Britain and Ireland, as well as some destinations in North America, the Middle East and North Africa.

Geneva Airport Guide 1

Handily located for visitors, the city of Geneva is just six minutes or so away by train, or four kilometres. For travellers who drive to the airport, parking is located both underground and above ground, though it cannot be pre-booked. The only way to make sure that you have a space for your car is to use the valet parking services which are available.

Low Cost Car Hire in Geneva Airport

If you are looking to head elsewhere to other destinations in the city from the airport, then Geneva Airport car hire is available with France side Geneva rent a car and car hire Geneva Swiss sector options. The route you should take is Route de Meyrin and follow the signs which point to the city centre. Taking the train is much more straightforward than driving however. Trains run regularly throughout the day from 5.30 am until midnight, departing roughly twice every 25 minutes or so on average.

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Buses also depart regularly from in front of the airport, with the number 10 bus running into the city every 10 minutes or so. A ticket known as a Unireso is available from a machine in the baggage claim area of the airport. This ticket entitles the holder to unlimited access to public transport for the subsequent hour and 20 minutes.

The airport is a busy transport hub, handling an estimated 10 million passengers per year. One local feature which may surprise some visitors is the small airport tax of around 20 Swiss francs which must be paid on departure.

The check-in area for departing travellers is conveniently located on the ground floor of the terminal building. Even more convenient than the location is the presence of several self-service check-in kiosks, while some of the airlines operating flights out of the airport allow passengers to check in on the day before their flight departs.

A Guide to Geneva

A Guide to Geneva

Geneva is one of the most picturesque and famous cities in the world. Lying in a lovely location, where the River Rhone leaves Lake Geneva, the city’s Alpine setting on its own would make it popular with visitors.

The city enjoys great status worldwide though, with the European headquarters of the United Nations here, while it is also the home of the Red Cross. This humanitarian tradition has seen Geneva given another nickname: “The Capital of Peace”. A French-speaking city in a polyglot nation, Geneva has a truly international feel at times.

Lake Geneva

The lake shore forms the main attraction of the city, with most of the best restaurants, hotels and shops located on the right hand shore of the lake. This is where the old town of Geneva is situated, and it is here that visitors can see St Peter’s Cathedral, as well as the square which forms the heart of the city – the Place du Bourg-de-Four. This is the oldest square in the town.

The older streets and quaysides help form the vibrant core of the city. There are wonderful hidden corners to discover among the prominent buildings. The Grand Rue is especially impressive, and was the street on which the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau was born.

What to see in Geneva City

A famous Swiss industry is, of course, watchmaking, and an appealing symbol of the industry can be found in the Jardin Anglaise (English Garden). Here, a massive clock made of flowers known as the Horloge Fleuri provides a wonderful visual metaphor for Switzerland’s famous timepieces.

A Guide to Geneva 5

If the attractions on one part of Lake Geneva become too much, then visitors can use the water-based taxis, the Mouettes, to get from one place to another. Taking one of the boat cruises on the lake opens up new perspectives on the city, as well as allowing visitors to take a proper look at the wonderful setting the city finds itself in.

Jet d’Eau

Another of Geneva’s well-known landmarks is the ‘Jet d’Eau’, a 140-metre water spout which sits at the edge of Lake Geneva and is visible from a long way away. This is a symbol of the city to many people, visitors and residents alike.

St Pierre Cathedral

The St Pierre Cathedral offers a more refined and older symbol of the city, with some great views available from its north tower, lake and surrounding landscapes.

United Nations and Red Cross

Visitors from abroad will also want to see the landmarks which relate to the city’s international institutions. Just one step through the gates of the Palace of the United Nations takes one into international territory and out of Swiss jurisdiction.

The International Museum of the Red Cross is a moving and interesting venue, the only place in the world where visitors can explore the history and work of this most revered of organisations.

A Guide to Geneva 7

City of Culture

The city also has much to offer for visitors who enjoy arts and cultural activities. Its location in the western part of Switzerland makes it decidedly French in outlook.


The Grand Theatre offers drama lovers some great shows to choose from, while the city’s Opera House enjoys a fine reputation.

If you prefer something a little quieter and more historical, then you may well prefer an excursion to one of Geneva’s many museums.


The famous watchmaking heritage of Switzerland can be explored at the Musée International de l’Horlogerie, with its vast collection of clocks, watches, jewellery and other horological items, both spectacular and humble. Some of the musical clocks on display will delight children of all ages.

Skiing in Geneva

Of course, the reason many people head to Switzerland is for the mountains, and the leisure options that they provide, especially in the wintertime.

Many of the skiing resorts located within convenient reach of the city are actually in France, though this poses few logistical problems for anyone basing their vacation in the city itself.

Les Carroz

If you are looking for a good family skiing resort then there are several options to consider. Les Carroz is one of the resorts which is popular with people who live in the area. Viewed as part of the Grand Massif area, it possess good snow and has been in popular use since the 1930s.

A Guide to Geneva 9

Flaine Ski Resort

Flaine is another good choice of ski destination for families, and has a lot of facilities available for newcomers and novices to skiing. This modern, purpose-built resort also possess around 140 kilometres of piste, with plenty of space available for everyone.

Megeve and Chamonix

Some of the Alps’ most iconic resorts are also within easy reach, though visitors do have to cross the border into France to reach them. Chamonix is guaranteed snow, and is a huge famous resort. Megeve, also not far away, is one of France’s largest towns, and there is plenty to do there.

Geneva Airport Car Hire

All of these resorts are no further than two hours’ drive away from Geneva in your car hire, making the city an ideal place to base your Swiss holiday adventure.

We provide rental choice on both sides of the airport with our budget Geneva Airport car hire France deals and great value Switzerland side Geneva car rental prices.

While you can find places to ski to your heart’s content, if the activity becomes too much for you, there are plenty of places to sit with a coffee and cake and consider the view, or to see a play or to take a boat trip across the lake.

This city of watches is one place where time will never hang heavy in your hands.

Geneva Car Show promises to be better than ever

Geneva Car Show promises to be better than ever

The Geneva Motor Show is always one of the highlights of the motoring year, and the event in 2019 promises to be as full of interest and excitement as ever. Take a look at our car hire offers on the Swiss side of Geneva Airport before your arrival. Set to take place from March 7th to 17th, there will be the usual mix of new vehicles, exciting innovations and glamour.

Geneva Car Show promises to be better than ever 11

The event was first held in 1905, and Geneva may be considered quite an odd choice of venue, seeing as the country has no automobile industry of its own. This helps to maintain a level playing field for manufacturers though, who use the event as a way of showing off their latest innovations. Every type of internal combustion engined cars has been seen at the event, while in its early days some steam powered vehicles were actually on show too.

The show is particularly known for the way in which manufacturers show off their latest  super cars. A highlight of the show I attended a few years back was one of these vehicles, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. This car’s huge sculpted doors and the aerodynamic ‘aerobridge’ front fenders hinted at a new direction in the design ethos of the Italian manufacturer, and it excited journalists and less professionally interested observers alike, as well as triggering some lively debate.

Geneva Car Show promises to be better than ever 13

Another highlight of that event was the unveiling of the Lotus convertible roadster, the Exige S. This was the first time that one of Lotus’s Exige models had been fitted with a soft top, and it certainly caught the eye of the assembled opinion formers of the motoring world. Lotus also unveiled their Formula One car, the Lotus F1 Team Evora GTE, with F1 driver Kimi Raikkonen on hand. The model featured classic black and gold livery, but with the additions of a high-gloss carbon fiber body and gold-piped black leather bucket seats, as well as unique badging.

Geneva Car Show promises to be better than ever 15

Several manufacturers are set to introduce many new vehicles to the public at this year’s event. Of particular interest to many will be the vehicles presented by Chinese manufacturer Qoros Auto, who will hope that their technological innovations will catch the eye of European motorists. A more established European manufacturer hoping to attract the attention is Mercedes, who will showing off their A45 AMG, designed to compete in the hatchback market. It features a seven speed dual clutch gearbox, which will interest drivers who like their cars fast.

Whatever kind of vehicle you favour though, you can find plenty to keep you interested in Geneva in 2019. The Motor Show will offer its usual mix of thrills, glamour and excitement, and you might well learn something new too. What is certain is that anyone who is planning on a visit will leave having enjoyed themselves in one of Europe’s great cities. If you need cheap car hire at Geneva Airport then check out our great rates today.