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Day Trips with your Geneva Airport Car Hire

Day Trips with your Geneva Airport Car Hire

As well as being a fascinating holiday destination in itself, the city of Geneva is also ideally situated as a base from which to take a day trip in your Geneva Airport car rental, and further explore the beauty of the surrounding region.  This is a region rich in history and culture, where the Alps meet meadows and lakes and ancient castles, and the next exciting leisure activity or experience is never far away.

At a distance of only 90 minutes by road in your Geneva car hire, the popular ski resort of Chamonix offers world class pistes and a host of other sporting activities.  The area’s two-stage cable car, which travels to the top of Aiguille du Midi, offers breathtaking views of the Alps on a clear day.

Just 55km away from Geneva is the port of Lausanne, known for its beauty, vibrancy and charming promenades along the banks of Lake Geneva.  The old town dates back to the fourteenth century, but it is also home to the super-modern Olympic museum.

Also close at hand, Montreux is certainly work checking out if you happen to coincide with the eponymous jazz festival in July but it is worth a day visit at any time of year as it is picturesque and offers impressive Alpine panoramas.…

How to get from Geneva Airport to your Destination

How to get from Geneva Airport to your Destination

Those who are travelling for a holiday or business will find there are a variety of ways of getting from Geneva Airport to your destination, whether it be to the city itself, to one of the world-renowned ski resorts or to some other attraction in this beautiful country.

The airport is located only 4km from the city centre and so if this is your destination there are a number of good transport options available, via the unified transport system known as Unireso.  Within this network, passengers may travel by train, tram, bus and boat using one single travel pass.  Trains to downtown Geneva run from the airport every 12 minutes and the journey time is an incredible 6 minutes.

There are also a number of city buses who stop regularly at the airport and cover a broad range of routes into the city.

Can I travel free on Geneva public transport? Yes, but there are limits. Initial tickets last for one hour. Since 2008 a free public transport card has been available for tourists, giving them the ability to travel on Geneva’s transport network free of charge for the duration of their stay. …

Driving In Geneva: Rules of the Road

Driving In Geneva: Rules of the Road

Driving around Switzerland can seem intimidating to foreign visitors. A good place to start when it comes to driving in the Geneva region is with the basic rules of the road. Consider a car rental Geneva Airport deal for your next visit.

Here, vehicles drive on the right hand side of the road, something which visitors from the UK and other countries such as Australia should keep in mind. Third party insurance is obligatory, as is wearing seatbelts. No children under 12 are allowed in the front seats of cars without a suitable child restraint in place. Honking your horn after dark is also prohibited, while the legal age for driving is 18, not 17 as in the UK.


With those basics out of the way, it is a good idea to look at some of the specifics of driving in the Geneva region. Roads in Geneva are often single lanes, with plenty of slow-changing traffic lights. Swiss driving regulations also forbid turning left at intersections, so it is necessary to carefully plan routes in order to avoid large detours.…

Geneva Airport Information

Geneva Airport Information

Geneva Airport is one of the European Union’s biggest transport hubs, which might surprise some people. After all, the city of Geneva is in Switzerland, which is not in the EU. Unusually, the airport is situated in two countries, in both France and Switzerland.

If a passenger enters the French part of the airport, he or she does not need to pass through Swiss customs though, as they technically remain in France. It is only the second busiest airport though, standing just behind Zurich in terms of visitor numbers.

While that may sound a little confusing, it works well in practise. Also, despite being partly in another country, the airport is very handily placed for people who are visiting Geneva for work or pleasure. The airport offers flights to and from most of Europe, including Great Britain and Ireland, as well as some destinations in North America, the Middle East and North Africa.

Handily located for visitors, the city of Geneva is just six minutes or so away by train, or four kilometres. For travellers who drive to the airport, parking is located both underground and above ground, though it cannot be pre-booked.…

A Guide to Geneva

A Guide to Geneva

Geneva is one of the most picturesque and famous cities in the world. Lying in a lovely location, where the River Rhone leaves Lake Geneva, the city’s Alpine setting on its own would make it popular with visitors.

The city enjoys great status worldwide though, with the European headquarters of the United Nations here, while it is also the home of the Red Cross. This humanitarian tradition has seen Geneva given another nickname: “The Capital of Peace”. A French-speaking city in a polyglot nation, Geneva has a truly international feel at times.

The lake shore forms the main attraction of the city, with most of the best restaurants, hotels and shops located on the right hand shore of the lake. This is where the old town of Geneva is situated, and it is here that visitors can see St Peter’s Cathedral, as well as the square which forms the heart of the city – the Place du Bourg-de-Four. This is the oldest square in the town.

The older streets and quaysides help form the vibrant core of the city.…

Geneva Car Show promises to be better than ever

Geneva Car Show promises to be better than ever

The Geneva Motor Show is always one of the highlights of the motoring year, and the event in 2019 promises to be as full of interest and excitement as ever. Take a look at our car hire offers on the Swiss side of Geneva Airport before your arrival. Set to take place from March 7th to 17th, there will be the usual mix of new vehicles, exciting innovations and glamour.

The event was first held in 1905, and Geneva may be considered quite an odd choice of venue, seeing as the country has no automobile industry of its own. This helps to maintain a level playing field for manufacturers though, who use the event as a way of showing off their latest innovations. Every type of internal combustion engined cars has been seen at the event, while in its early days some steam powered vehicles were actually on show too.

The show is particularly known for the way in which manufacturers show off their latest  super cars. A highlight of the show I attended a few years back was one of these vehicles, the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta.…

What’s the Weather like in Geneva?

A questions many people will ask when planning a holiday is “What will the weather be like?”. When it comes to picturing the kind of weather in Geneva, most foreigners who did not know better would immediately think of snow. After all, there are all those mountains and skiers.

While that is true to an extent, the weather is much more varied than that, with Geneva’s climate actually being classified as ‘temperate oceanic’ by meteorologists.

Winters are actually relatively mild in the city itself, despite Geneva being at high altitude. The presence of the lake helps to mitigate much of the cooling effect of the altitude though, meaning that autumn and winter are often mild and wet, rather than cold and snowy.

Of course, many places close to Geneva experience significant snowfall during the winter, which provides some of the best skiing in Europe. Resorts such as Verbier and Crans-Montana are usually well-covered with snow for winter sports enthusiasts to enjoy.

Another feature of winter weather in Geneva can be the ice storms which occur close to Lac Leman.…

Activities in the Geneva Region

Activities in the Geneva Region

Geneva is a region where France and Switzerland join, providing visitors with a culturally rich travel experience. While winter is the time many people head to this Alpine wonderland, the city and the wider region have plenty to offer visitors of all types year round.

If you need an easy mode of transport to visit the locations listed below then compare our cheap Geneva Airport car hire offers.

While the attractions of the city of Geneva are very well known to many travellers, fewer people known what the city’s hinterland can provide in terms of interesting activities and places to visit.

One thing which many people might not associate with this part of the world, for example, is wine making. In fact, there are several vineyards quite close to Geneva where you can talk to wine growers and try their products. One tour, based around the town of Paquis, is conducted on electric bikes, which is a delightfully chilled out way to explore some fantastic scenery as well as wine.

Of course, one of the biggest draws here is the mountain scenery, which looks great either covered in snow in winter, or green and rocky in the summer.…