Car Hire Geneva Airport French or Swiss side?

Car Rental Geneva Airport - France or Switzerland side?

A question we often get asked is "Should I arrange car hire Geneva Airport on the French side deal or a car hire Geneva Airport Swiss side deal? and what are the advantages/disadvantages?

French SideSwiss Side
ProsSome Possible ConsProsSome Possible Cons
Generally Cheaper RatesYou are unlikely to be given a vignette which may be needed for driving in SwitzerlandCar comes with vignette. It is displayed on the windscreen.Usually not as cheap as the French area
Easy fast pickup area (P21)Rules vary from country to country and one rule in France is that you must carry a breathalyser testing device in your carWhatever equipment you need for adverse weather conditions is normally supplied by the car hire firm such as snow chains, tyres etcCustoms walk-through necessary if pickup is on French side of the airport
Shorter queues at rental desks in general (though not always)Winter weather equipment such as snow tyres are not necessarily included and may add to your rental fee if needed.Pick up location (P51) is within easy reach whether you decide to take the free bus or just walk. It is about four hundred metres away and is situated on the lower level. Desks are found to the west side of the terminal.
You must travel through customs if you arrive on the Swiss side of the airport yet have booked a car for pickup on the French SideQuicker route to the motorway than the French side