Suggestions for Eating out in Geneva

Geneva City has much to offer besides great lake and mountain scenery. You can also enjoy some great food while your eyes feast on all those landscapes.

Whatever your budget, there will be somewhere in Geneva where you will find superb food and a hearty welcome.

Taverne de la Madeleine

For those who are working to a tight budget, such as students, Taverne de la Madeleine at 20 rue Toutes-Âmes is a good choice of venue.

Basically a lunch only canteen, it nevertheless serves up great plates of hearty, warming food for an equally heart warming price.

Diners can also see the 15th century Temple de la Madeleine from this restaurant, which enjoys a terrace setting.

Suggestions for Eating out in Geneva 1

Le Lion d’Or

At the other end of the budgetary scale is Le Lion d’Or, which enjoys a glamorous setting in the village of Cologny.

This upmarket part of Geneva enjoys great views of the Jura Mountains as well as the Lake. Both can be seen from the windows of this restaurant, which offers seasonal cuisine with a slight Asian influence.

Le Tse Fung

Another upmarket venue with a much stronger Asian accent is Le Tse Fung. This expensive Chinese restaurant is situated at La Reserve, 301 Route de Lausanne, in the Bellevue part of the city.

There is a good range of east Asian cuisine on offer, from Mongolian style beef to dim sum.

Suggestions for Eating out in Geneva 2

Bistrot du Boeuf Rouge

Many people who visit Geneva will want to try eating dishes with a more local flavour though. the Bistrot du Boeuf Rouge, at 17 rue Alfred-Vincent, Les Pâquis, is the place to try red meat.

Switzerland’s mountain valleys produce some fine meat, and here guests can enjoy pistachio-filled sausage, foie gras, andouillettes and filet de boeuf. There is also an excellent dessert menu, while the staff, although very correct, also display a welcoming sense of humour.

Les Armures

For a more traditional taste of Swiss cuisine though, visitors should make their way to Les Armures, in the Vieille Ville (Old Town).

Air dried meat, a speciality of the Canton of Grisons, is on offer as a starter here, while you can also enjoy the Swiss classic fondue.

The menu has drawn Swiss people of every social class in its history, such is the broad appeal of its traditional menu. In warm weather, diners can also sit outdoors and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Vieille Ville.

Bistrot de Boucher

A steak house meal is a good thing to enjoy if you are eating with your family, and one of the best in Geneva is the Bistrot de Boucher.

As well as excellent steak, the waiters wear funny aprons, and the furnishings are quirky amusing and cow posters and figurines. A stained glass ceiling adds a touch of elegance.

With even more local restaurants available, Geneva offers a warm welcome to foodies of all kinds. Exploring it provides visitors with a festival of flavours that is truly European.

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